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Elizabeth Hurley Launches “Beach” – Her Swimsuit Line

Thursday, April 21st, 2005

If you read the New York Times regularly, you’ll have noticed that they indulge in celebrity worship quite a bit. Recently, they described how Elizabeth Hurley is managing to transition out of the model phase of her life and become a designer. The Times was very impressed by this endeavor.

To me though, it seems like a move that anyone in a similar position might attempt. Hurley is quite a sharp and elegant woman, so I expect that she will go as far as she wants with it.

As part of this transformation, she appeared at Saks today with models in tow to launch “beach,” her new line of swimwear. To me, the name “beach” sounds like that episode of Seinfeld when Kramer launches his cologne of the same name. Life imitating art.

Elizabeth Hurley

Leonard Lauder, the elderly billionaire CEO of Estee Lauder, hovered off stage out of sight, so it appears she’s got the financial backing she needs to succeed. The suits look great, especially if you already look like Elizabeth Hurley.

Courtney Cox Shows Up at Sephora

Wednesday, April 13th, 2005

Suprise of surprises, Courtney Cox made a corporate promotional appearance at Sephora today. She hasn’t been seen here in several years, so it caught us off guard to hear that she would break her low profile with a simple corporate endorsement. There were some restrictions; no one was allowed to shoot her in the store, so we were all outside. That worried us at the outset, but she got out of her SUV and played nice. Very calm, methodical, and stable. Not a bad performance on her part. Thanks tons CC.

Courtney Cox