Jenny McCarthy Hands Out Free Margeritas

Anyone with a weak spot for tequila would have enjoyed South Street Seaport today. Jenny McCarthy, working with Jose Cuervo, whipped up 2000 gallons of margeritas in a giant blender for the passing crowd. She worked enthusiastically and stayed for several hours. Usually celebs just drive by their endorsements, but Jenny certainly wanted everyone to have a good time. Very considerate of her, and a rare quality.

Jenny McCarthy

Speaking of lovely personality, I dropped by the Air Tahiti party at the Maritime Hotel celebrating the inauguration of its direct flight between New York and French Polynesia. Tahitian luminaries like the president of French Polynesia walked about in leis.

Nearly all parties seeking publicity have what is called an “arrivals area.” Usually right inside the front door, this where you can intercept notable guests for photos. Photographers shoot the guests, and the guests move into the party. Ninety-nine times out of 100, photographers never see the inside of the party.

I am so accustomed to having little to no interaction with party guests that I couldn’t even make charming conversation when these two former Miss Tahiti candidates Raipoe Adams and Raitea Huteau decided not to go into the party. Instead, they wanted to chat with the photographers working the party.

Miss Tahiti Candidates Raipoe Adams and Raitea Huteau

Pageant participants are unfailingly nice in a way so rare that it’s spooky to encounter. I haven’t met any that have struck me as anything other than honest-to-god sweethearts. An interesting twist too is that they are not super-cool; they have a refreshing naivete straight out of elementary school. After living in NYC for a number of years, I’m so over super-cool sophistication. It’s too tiring. And requires expensive dry cleaning.