Angelina Jolie Tapes “Inside The Actors Studio”

In a last minute rush, I was able to cross town to take up position for a rumored Angelina Jolie photo op before she entered the New School. The New School is the location of the auditorium where Bravo tapes “Inside The Actors Studio”. This program often attracts top rung talent, but the odds of making a good photo there are terrible. This time though, the school seemed to be setting up an op before the show, so everyone rushed over there. Police barricades were in place, and numerous, but very cooperative, security personnel were keeping the crowd in check.

It turns out the story wasn’t so simple. Her people, or perhaps the Tomb Raider herself, had set up a similar opportunity behind her hotel. Police, barricades, security, even a limo. So a lot of people set up there. She, of course, runs out the front into a downscale Lincoln Town Car. Not the kind of ride you would expect.

After dissing fans and photographers at the hotel, she decides to come in the front at the auditorium. For reasons known only to her, instead of repeating her hotel move, she arrives at the front door. (A backdoor was available.) She waved once or twice, fast, and spent most of her time outside signing for fans. By the timestamps on my pictures, she was outside the auditorium for exactly two minutes. But she wasn’t very generous with the photo op though. It only takes maybe fifteen seconds to do a good one, but of course, who has the time?

Angelina Jolie