Vanity Fair Party Celebrating the Tribeca Film Festival

Vanity Fair has been able to position itself as the classiest of American celeb oriented magazines. Their cover is reserved for only the most bankable movie stars in the world, so it is a coveted opportunity. Consquently, if a star gets invited to one of their parties, the star tends to go. The Vanity Fair party after the Oscars is the premier Oscar afterparty, and this event sets the tone for every other event the magazine holds for the rest of the year.

It’s a sign of Robert Deniro’s clout that Vanity Fair throws an annual party every year to help open the Tribeca Film Festival. Although the guest list is a mere shadow of their Oscar party, it’s still a very useful event to cover. It’s even more interesting that Vanity Fair and the festival are able to have their party in the New York State Supreme Court building. The court is located downtown and is best known as the venue where Martha Stewart strolled in and out carrying various expensive handbags during her trial.

Who do you call to rent a courthouse for a party? It’s hard to imagine the red tape involved. Nonetheless Vanity Fair was allowed to turn the place into a glamorous night club for the evening.

New York Supreme Court

Claudia Schiffer showed up. We almost never see her in New York. Her husband, Matthew Vaughn, is here to promote his new film “Layer Cake.” He’s directing X-Men 3, so it looks like he’s broken through to Hollywood big budget movies.

Claudia Schiffer

Nicole Kidman appeared as we had speculated. She was a little more accommodating than last night, but we still saw more of her back than her front. It’s a good looking back though.

Nicole Kidman

Sheryl Crow continued her unusual bout of press-friendliness. Power to her. It’s not that hard.

Sheryl Crow

The best moment though came when Robin Williams, who was shooting a movie just up the street, walked by and jumped in the press pen. He grabbed a camera and started shooting the celebs arriving for party. Everybody in the pen broke out laughing. I guess he hadn’t been invited. Robin Williams is another one of those people who’s as fun off the camera as in front of the camera. They’re rare though. Very.

I wish I had some pics of it, but I was down the block when it happened. I might see him tomorrow night at Lincoln Center event. Mariah Carey’s album release party is also tomorrow night, so I’ll be running around quite a bit.